Hi, welcome to my page! I'm a student from Germany with passion for Technology. I gained expertise in Programming, Grafic Design, Game Development and Project Management.
I always loved Computer Games and was curious about how I could make one. Some Lan Partys later I decided to figure out more about the hidden processes behind the screen. That brought me into programming. I also have a great interest in art and music. After I finished school in 2013, I was looking for a possibility which combined creativity and technology in various ways. I graduated in Media Computer Science (B. Sc.) at Technische Universität Dresden in 2017, where I also worked as a Student Assistant. Currently I'm studying Media- and Game Conception (M.A.) at Harz University of Applied Sciences. There I worked as a Programming Tutor for Java until 2018.
Both subjects offers a broad knowledge base and many possibilities to develop. Since I started studying I realized Software Projects, Games and VR Applications with smaller development teams and additionally collected valuable experience in Graphic Design and Typography. In 2016 I was responsible for the advertisement of  OUTPUT.DD. In 2018 my team and I got awarded with the third place at the German Computer Games Award –– Newcomer Concept nGlow.
You can find out more about OUTPUT.DD, nGlow, and other Projects on my projectS page. After my graduation I will continue the journey through the Media Universe and wish to use new technologies to create amazing and useful things.
German  - native language
English   - very good knowledge
French    - good knowledge
Russian  - basic knowledge

Programming Languages
C#, Java, Python, Cg, C, Java Script, HTML + CSS ;)

Favorite  Tools
Unreal Engine, Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens, META 2, Eclipse, Adobe Flash, Anaconda, Maya