A tiny planet that lost its Energy.
A mystic forest, fallen into a deep sleep.

You can bring it back to life.
You can uncover what happened.
You can make it glow.

nGlow is a puzzle game in third-person view for the PC. The special mechanic is the change between character view and world view. The player can influence the day/night cycle of the planet in the world view. Platforms and hedges, which are part of the puzzles, move only at day or night. However, the player is not able to move in the dark. He has to activate fluorescent mushrooms to be able to move within their light. This transfered energy brings the planet back to life. By solving the puzzles, the player progresses. The planet is illuminated and revived. nGlow got rewared as Newcomer Concept with the third place of the German Computer Games Award 2018.
Klick here to visit the Website of the German Computer Games Award: Der Deutsche Computerspielpreis
My tasks
Project Management, Programming

Technologies I used
Unity 3D, Visual Studio, GitHub, Trello

Team Members
Leoni Schulte, Mirko Skroch, Bastian Meyer, Jasmin Strnad,
Svenja Malin Kottutz, Nina Loof, Sandra Hanstein

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